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Do NOT do business with All Seasons Pools! If you are like me, you prefer to do business with companies people refer you to.

I learned a valuable lesson choosing to do business with All Seasons – referral or not, research the company carefully! This company should not be in the business of installing pools for homeowners. Sales and Contract Phase: Know this – after the sale is made, you will never hear from your sales rep again. Good luck getting any questions or concerns answered.

And, if you finally get someone, ANYONE, at this company to respond, they only give you the runaround. You can ask the same question to 5 different people and you’ll get a different answer every time because there is little to no communication amongst the people who work at All Seasons. You receive a generic drawing that shows general dimensions of your pool (width, length, depth) and a generic contract. Free legal advice: After contacting our attorney, if there is ANYTHING you specify, don’t rely on All Seasons to the experts or professionals to deliver on your specifications.

Write all over that generic drawing and contract EVERY requirement. Funding Phase: We chose to fund our pool as it confined All Seasons to a time frame to complete our pool. Almost 2 months after funding approval, the lending company called asking about the progress made and whether they began digging. I laughed, as the only thing All Seasons had done in almost 2 months was grade the yard and frame the shape with plywood.

We had reservations about continuing with this company at this point; however, BEWARE!!! No other pool company will quote you a price to finish the job until the contract with the previous company is cancelled. So, we were stuck, based on providing some money upfront. We finally got a hold of someone within the company who got things kick started, due to pressure from us and the lending company.

Funding from the finance company is disbursed based on certain milestones. More on this during the Construction Phase. Construction Phase: Construction was a disaster. Be aware, when the sales and construction manager state the pool will be inspected throughout the phases of construction, inspection is NOT done by a city official, it is conducted by All Seasons themselves.

After “passing” an inspection, we, by chance, caught the construction manager and inquired about a hole in the bottom of the pool. We asked if the hole somehow played a role in the overflow. He responded no, and, at that point, stated it appeared they forgot to put the overflow in. HE had inspected and PASSED the construction phase and WE had to point out there was no overflow.

They had to send someone out to drill a hole in the cement! Again, any questions or concerns you have during construction are downplayed with, “it will all be addressed before the pool is complete.” HA!!! DON’T COUNT ON IT! Construction complete DOES NOT mean project complete.

When we contracted with All Seasons, we contracted with them to complete our pool, patio, screen, plumbing - the whole nine yards. Construction complete, according to the funding company and All Seasons is whether or not the pool holds water. Not only was there a list of items that needed to be addressed, but I had to argue the point, for over a week, that the pool did not seem to be holding water. A few days before the deadline and the date I was to release funding, I communicated to the funding company that I did not intend to release the funds due to the list of items outstanding.

Only then, one day before the deadline, did All Seasons send someone out, who located the leak and fixed it. That gave me OVERNIGHT to determine whether the leak was fixed. It appeared that it was, and although there was still a list of 20+ items All Seasons needed to address, because of the definition of complete, which I had just learned, I was obligated to release the remaining funds. A day and a half later, I get a call from All Seasons to collect the remaining 10% down I was responsible for.

I was appalled! I told them there were several outstanding issues that haven’t been resolved and I wasn’t going to pay until they were addressed. I was told any issues from this point forward would be under service and warranty. WHAT!?

I contracted All Season to complete a PROJECT, not just a pool. Would you buy a computer without a processor because the company selling it told you not to worry, it was covered under warranty and when they got around to it, they would send it to you?? Service and Warranty Phase It took weeks, months, of continuous communication to get the majority of our issues resolved. To date, almost 4 months after “completion,” we still wait.

During our sales process, we specified that we needed the jets in our spa to be placed higher than normal, as we need them to hit our upper backs. During construction, we noticed the jets seemed rather low. When we inquired, we were given the typical All Seasons response - it will be fine, just wait until it’s complete. Where would you expect jets to hit your back when you sit in a spa?

Normally, they hit your lower back, right? Not these! They are so low they hit our tail bones. Although the sales rep recalls our specifications and admits he failed to include and effectively communicate our requirements, All Seasons takes no responsibility in their failure to deliver to our specifications.

Two months after completion, they sent someone to install different eyelets in the spa jets. These eyelets spin, resulting in a more equal distribution of water. Unfortunately, they still do not resolve the issue and, 3 weeks after installation, 2 out of 4 of them don’t work properly.

However, this doesn’t matter to All Seasons, who, a week after installing the eyelets filed a notice of lien for the money they feel they are owed. Apparently, as the consumer, it doesn’t matter whether you receive the product you pay for, just pay for it!

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). ashtonw33 is overall dissatisfied with All Seasons Pools. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Deltona, Florida, United States #1346558

i too have had an issue with getting anyone to return calls. It started with Sanford office not returning a call until 7 days later.

Then the New Smyrna office with a representative that was going to be heading the Orange City office never returned my call as promised. Needless to say they are loosing business.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1250437

Huh...I can relate! 7 months later and the plaster surface is filled with pit holes and pot marks.

I have to keep on them to get this issue resolved and it still is not resolved. Terrible finish by a half arsed company.

This company is not professional, seriously lacks communication skills, and collects payment, while giving the customer crappy results. Yeah...now its services problem...really!?This company strips the thrill from putting in a pool for your family.

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